A Dentist For All Ages In New York City

It is well known that many Americans fear the dentist for various reasons. First, there is the pain factor which the general public associates with dentistry. Secondly, there are the possible diagnosis which may come up during an office visit. However, there is no longer a need to fear. Rather than visiting a typical dental office, there is now a new option: Esthetix Dental Spa of Washington Heights! At Esthetix, we cater to adult, pediatric and geriatric patients. We will be there from the very beginning, your child’s very first cleaning. Choosing a dentist can be a difficult task. Many […]

A Whole New You for the New Year

Who says you need expensive or invasive surgery to enjoy a more youthful appearance? It’s a new year, look young and feel young. Reduce the signs of aging with proven, safe and effective Botox and dermal filler treatment now available at Esthetix Dental Spa. We offer advanced techniques and combination treatments to offer our patients the most comprehensive treatment for optimal results. “With Botox and Dermal fillers our very own Dr. Philomin here at Esthetix Dental Spa. Guarantee to restore any lost volume instantly to smooth away unwanted facial wrinkles safe and painless.” Here are some treatments available with Botox […]

Change Your Smile, Six Months Now at Dentist Washington Heights

Dr. Divya, a dentist Washington in Heights, from Esthetix Dental Spa would like to know – are you uncomfortable when you smile? Most likely, if you’re reading this, you want to improve the quality of your smile. The “Six Month Smile” cosmetic braces, is a revolutionary orthodontic system that provides fast and economical way for adults to begin smiling with confidence. This clear and invisible brace system guarantee you that smile you always dreamed of having. “Everyone should smile with confidence!” So stop by Esthetix or call to see if you’re a good candidate for the “Six Months Smile” program. […]

Dr. Philomin’s Still Giving Out Teeth!

Hurry up! Esthetix Dental Spa is open today! Dr. Philomin is working miracles! He’s turning people’s frowns into wonderful smiles and it wouldn’t be possible without his care, experience and competency. Missing teeth may be cute, but only for little kids. Adults should not be missing teeth because it lowers one’s confidence and self-esteem. You should be able to smile freely, and eat whatever you like. Eating with missing teeth is quite problem, isn’t it? Think about getting dental implants and that will never be your problem again! Our office offers quick and painless dental implants procedures at this time! Call and ask the […]

“Esthetix Patient Testimonial of The Week”

“For starters, all the staff that work inside Esthetix Dental Spa are very professional, from the doctors down to receptionist. I have been a patient of Esthetix for 2 years now and whenever I’m in pain they take care of me right away. Since being a patient here, I have had a root canal to restore a tooth that had a big cavity, also having gum treatment with laser to bring back my gums back to perfect health. During my procedures, I did not have any pain or discomfort. All of my dental problems have been attended here at Esthetix […]

Get Rid Of Embarrassing Gums!

There are many of us who feel self conscious when we smile.  It may be because we have crooked teeth, or even an overbite.  However, a less spoken about dental imperfection is gum pigmentation.  As shown above, these dark marks can be embarrassing and even lead to social complications.  Onlookers may think that these are food stains or even that the person who carries them does not use proper routine dental hygiene.  When going on that special date or job interview, these spots are the last thing we want the public to notice.  So why hide any longer? Gingival Pigmentation […]

How To Find A Good Dentist?

Find out how to find a good dentist! In today’s day and age, finding a professional, affordable health care professional may seem like a daunting task. That becomes especially true when you have plenty of options. There are some guidelines which are best to keep in mind when looking for a dental practice. When you are in pain, you do want to know how to find a good dentist, and firstly, you need to look at yourself as a patient and consider your expectations from a dental professional that can best meet your needs. It is important to think of […]

Invisalign Washington Heights

NYC is considered the fashion capital of the world.  With that, comes a high expectation of beauty and presentation.  This includes, our hair, makeup, clothing and even our smiles.  Although not all New Yorkers are born with naturally gorgeous smiles, the dentists of Esthetix Dental Spa in Washington Heights are here to change how the Big Apple views those pearly whites!     The dental professionals of Esthetix have years of experience in different disciplines of dentistry, including orthodontics.  They realize that not all adults are willing to wear visible, metal braces.  They also realize that traditional orthodontic equipment may […]

“Our Amazing Super Star Patient of The Month” at Dentist Washington Heights

This superstar patient is far beyond amazing, she outstanding. Elsa Vargas, At Esthetix Dental Spa Patient for quite some time now, is living life to the fullest with her smile makeover & new and improved teeth. Elsa started became a patient of Esthetix back in 2011, after being referred by her daughter. Coming into our office for a regular check up, x-rays, exams and cleaning, Elsa found our office to be very clean and well organized. Our staff and dental assistants went up and far beyond their duties to make sure Elsa’s visits were tremendous. Elsa came to Esthetix Dental […]

Take Care of Your Teeth!

Flossing: Friend or Foe? There are many individuals who may view flossing as another part of their routine. They may not realize all of the benefits that come with flossing, or they may have even heard that flossing can have negative effects. We are here to set the record straight on this daily task, which can actually save your mouth from unpleasant diseases and unnecessary visits to your dentist! The American Dental Association, or ADA, has recently put out a few great publications related to flossing. They have reported, based on a study performed in 2015, that the majority of […]

Welcome to Our Multi-Specialty Practice

Great dentistry requires accurate observation, diagnosis and treatment of individual patient needs. That’s why we are so particular with our work, and train our staff to be professional and conscientious we’ve recently created a full-service dental clinic to serve the Dental community and the general public. If you are seeking a well-organized, highly efficient and respectable facility to handle your patients’ specialty needs, please consider EDS. Esthetix Dental Spa 285 Ft. Washington Ave, Suite CD New York, N.Y 10032 Phone: (212)795-9675 Fax: (212) 795-1631