“Esthetix Patient Testimonial of The Week”

“For starters, all the staff that work inside Esthetix Dental Spa are very professional, from the doctors down to receptionist. I have been a patient of Esthetix for 2 years now and whenever I’m in pain they take care of me right away. Since being a patient here, I have had a root canal […]

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“Our Amazing Super Star Patient of The Month” at Dentist Washington Heights

This superstar patient is far beyond amazing, she outstanding. Elsa Vargas, At Esthetix Dental Spa Patient for quite some time now, is living life to the fullest with her smile makeover & new and improved teeth.

Elsa started became a patient of Esthetix back in 2011, after being referred by her daughter. Coming into […]

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Dr. Philomin’s Still Giving Out Teeth!

Hurry up! Esthetix Dental Spa is open today!

Dr. Philomin is working miracles! He’s turning people’s frowns into wonderful smiles and it wouldn’t be possible without his care, experience and competency.

Missing teeth may be cute, but only for little kids. Adults should not be missing teeth because it lowers one’s confidence and self-esteem. You should be able to […]

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Welcome to Our Multi-Specialty Practice

Great dentistry requires accurate observation, diagnosis and treatment of individual patient needs. That’s why we are so particular with our work, and train our staff to be professional and conscientious we’ve recently created a full-service dental clinic to serve the Dental community and the general public. If you are seeking a well-organized, highly efficient […]

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A Whole New You for the New Year

Who says you need expensive or invasive surgery to enjoy a more youthful appearance? It’s a new year, look young and feel young. Reduce the signs of aging with proven, safe and effective Botox and dermal filler treatment now available at Esthetix Dental Spa. We offer advanced techniques and combination treatments to offer our […]

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Esthetix’s I-Pad Giveaway Winner

We are pleased to announce that, Henry Lopez Polanco, is the winning contestant of the Apple I-Pad Giveaway, here at Esthetix Dental Spa, and here’s how he did It.!

Henry Polanco was in search of a Dental Office, one that would care and provide to his every dental needs and concerns, one that offered painless […]

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Say it Loud, With A Whiter Smile!

You may have heard or read about tooth whiteners in magazine and newspaper ads, “infomercials” and radio announcements. But how do you know which product is right for you?

When you smile, you want to smile with confidence, joy, and feel good about the way you smile. Now you can! Here at Esthetix Dental Spa […]

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The development and use of dental implants has been one of the biggest advances in dentistry in the past 40 years. U.S dentist place more then 5.5 million implants annually, and here at Dr. Arvind Philomin has placed over 2000 implant in just a matter of time. He is changing people lives here at […]

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Good Oral Health- How To Brush & Floss!

How To Brush:

Using a soft T-Brush, clean the outer surface of each tooth. Angle the toothbrush 45◦ along the gum line, gently brush back and forth.
Brush the inside of each tooth surface, where plaque may accumulate. Use tip of the brush to clean behind each front tooth, both top and bottom. Gently brush back […]

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Periodontal (Gum) Disease Prevention Tips

Your referral of a friend, family member, or co-worker to our office is one of the finest compliments we can receive.

So at Esthetix Dental Spa we created a unique new program to show you just how valuable you really are.

You can get new “Care to Share”, patients referral cards. These cards are valued at […]

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