Get Rid Of Embarrassing Gums!

There are many of us who feel self conscious when we smile.  It may be because we have crooked teeth, or even an overbite.  However, a less spoken about dental imperfection is gum pigmentation.  As shown above, these dark marks can be embarrassing and even lead to social complications.  Onlookers may think that these are food stains or even that the person who carries them does not use proper routine dental hygiene.  When going on that special date or job interview, these spots are the last thing we want the public to notice.  So why hide any longer? Gingival Pigmentation Removal with Laser At Esthetix Dental Spa, we have a procedure to permanently fix these problem areas.  You may think that this would take several visits, but you would be highly mistaken!  This procedure can be completed from start to…

Invisalign Washington Heights

NYC is considered the fashion capital of the world.  With that, comes a high expectation of beauty and presentation.  This includes, our hair, makeup, clothing and even our smiles.  Although not all New Yorkers are born with naturally gorgeous smiles, the dentists of Esthetix Dental Spa in Washing